Annual Summit – February 20, 2016 – Menomonie, WI

It’s good to have goals, right?

Well that’s what we’re about at Gaylord Nelson (GNAS) — we’re a new chapter with fresh ideas. Each year in February, we meet to strategize and plan — what we’re excited about, what needs to be done, where we’re headed as a chapter. The possibilities are numerous, important, and exciting!

Date and Time: Saturday, February 20, 2015, 1:30-4:00 pm
Location: Menomonie Market Food Coop – 2nd Floor (814 Main St E, Menomonie, WI)

1:30: Keynote Speaker – “Conservation as Chess” Bill Hogseth
2:45: Break/Social
3:00: Announcements, Business, Elections (VP, Secretary, Board members)

The meeting will begin at 1:30 with an introduction and featured program by Bill Hogseth, and will be followed by the open meeting of the GNAS board. We will be discussing upcoming plans and projects for 2016 and beyond. Please join us in discussing and shaping our conservation priorities, goals and initiatives! You are welcome to be a part of that process! We look forward to your input in helping us shape the future of GNAS!

Keynote Speech:
Conservation as Chess: Using Strategy to Protect Biodiversity

Bill Hogseth

Bill Hogseth

Explore the interconnected challenges facing biodiversity and how strategic principles can be used to help solve conservation challenges. The presentation will discuss how local conservation organizations can have a positive impact by using strategic decision-making. The presentation will explore these concepts specifically as they relate to Wisconsin birds.

Bill Hogseth is an ecologist who lives in the Chippewa Valley. He has worked as a conservation professional for ten years in different sectors including state, federal, non-profit, and cooperative. He has a BS in restoration ecology from Northland College in Ashland, WI. He has served on the board of directors for The Prairie Enthusiasts and is currently the Outreach Chair for the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society.

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Come meet up with other birders in the Chippewa Valley!

We are pleased to announce that GaylordBirds and Beers Jan 2015 Web Nelson Audubon Society will being hosting a quarterly series of “Birds and Beers” events. This is a great opportunity to get together with other birders and hang out in a relaxed setting. Each event will feature a mini-presentation on a bird-related topic. Come on out!

For more information, visit our “Birds and Beers” page or for updates on future events, follow us on Facebook.

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2015 Christmas Bird Counts

The Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society is pleased to announce the annual Christmas Bird Count.  There are eleven Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) that are annually held within the GNAS territory.  Christmas Bird Counts are a national tradition where an attempt is made to find, identify and count every bird within a 15 mile diameter circle in one day.

2015 CBC Map

Anyone can participate in a Christmas Bird Count. Novice birders will be assigned to a team to spend a morning, afternoon or all day counting birds.  Each team will have an experienced birder as they search their assigned territory within the count circle.  You can even participate by counting birds at your feeder if you are within one of the CBC circles.

You can sign up by going to or directly counting the compiler for the count within which you wish to participate.

For more information contact Robin Maercklein at 715-501-0527 or or one of the folks listed below for the count in your area.

Below is the list of the Christmas Bird Counts in the GNAS area which includes the following sponsored by Chippewa Valley Birders, St. Croix Valley Bird Club and Gaylord Nelson Audubon among others:

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Bird Hike at Interstate State Park, Saturday May 9

Robin Maercklein

Field trip leader Robin Maercklein

On Saturday May 9, Biologist Robin Maercklein will lead a bird hike at Wisconsin’s Interstate State Park.

Meet at the Silverbrook Trail head at the group campsite at 7:00 a.m. for a two hour hike.  We will hike approximately 2 miles (one mile out and one mile back.) This annual event has taken place on Saturdays in May for nearly 30 years.  During that time period over 140 species have been observed.  Typically on this date we might observe over 50 species with 62 being the record. See you there!

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Eau Claire’s 2nd Annual “Welcome Back Bird Day” will be on May 20th

In celebration of International Migratory Bird Day, come witness the return of songbirds to Wisconsin from their wintering grounds in the tropics! Join birders and biologists to learn about their incredible journeys northward and view the birds as they arrive in Eau Claire.

Join the fun at five different locations across Eau Claire on Wednesday, May 20th from 7am-7pm.

To learn more details, visit the WBBD webpage.

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Save the Date: Birds, Bugs, & Blooms Bash, June 5-7

Mark your calendars for the first annual “Birds, Bugs, & Blooms Bash” a three-day nature festival in the Chippewa Valley (sponsored by the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society). The event will feature more than 30 field trips and presentations by experts, citizens, and enthusiasts. Two keynote presentations on Friday and Saturday nights will be held at UW-Stout’s Memorial Student Center.

For more details visit the website. Continue reading

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February 22: GNAS Annual Summit in Menomonie, WI

You are invited to join us as the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society meets for its Annual Summit to discuss chapter activities, accomplishments, and future plans. Feel free to attend for all or just part of the Summit. New faces are always welcome!

Sunday, February 22, 2015, 1-3:30 pm

UW Stout – Menomonie – Memorial Student Center – Cedar-Maple Room 136
302 10th Avenue East, Menomonie WI  54751 Campus parking lots are free and open on weekends

1:00 Keynote Speaker – Brian Collins
2:15 Break/Social
2:30 Announcements, Business, Elections for President & Treasurer

Keynote Address: Birds of Wisconsin’s Public Wild Lands by Brian M. Collins

Brian collins

Brian Collins in the field on a bird survey.

Brian M. Collins is a contract ornithologist, contributing to a variety of bird community studies for the Wisconsin DNR’s Natural Heritage Inventory and for various lake associations and land trust acquisitions. In the last seven field seasons he has walked over 800 miles of untrailed backcountry in pursuit of bird community data within Wisconsin’s vast and wild tracts of public land.  In more than 1,400 surveys, he has collected data on more than 35,000 individual birds and more than 170 bird species.  Point count work is full of unexpected surprises and exciting discoveries and presents a unique and rugged lifestyle far removed from the routines scripted by research protocol. Brian almost always has a camera in hand, so his adventures are well documented!  Be sure to attend the annual meeting to catch his colorful and bird-rich presentation — and the possibility of a surprise guest!


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