2015 Christmas Bird Counts

The Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society is pleased to announce the annual Christmas Bird Count.  There are eleven Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) that are annually held within the GNAS territory.  Christmas Bird Counts are a national tradition where an attempt is made to find, identify and count every bird within a 15 mile diameter circle in one day.

2015 CBC Map

Anyone can participate in a Christmas Bird Count. Novice birders will be assigned to a team to spend a morning, afternoon or all day counting birds.  Each team will have an experienced birder as they search their assigned territory within the count circle.  You can even participate by counting birds at your feeder if you are within one of the CBC circles.

You can sign up by going to www.christmasbirdcount.org or directly counting the compiler for the count within which you wish to participate.

For more information contact Robin Maercklein at 715-501-0527 or robinmaercklein@nullgmail.com or one of the folks listed below for the count in your area.

Below is the list of the Christmas Bird Counts in the GNAS area which includes the following sponsored by Chippewa Valley Birders, St. Croix Valley Bird Club and Gaylord Nelson Audubon among others:

CBC Name          Date              County         Compiler               Phone               email
Holcombe            12/14/2015     Chippewa/Rusk Bruce Steger         715-723-0209     just4birds@nullatt.net
Grantsburg          12/19/2015     Burnett         Dennis Allaman     715-463-2365    allaman@nullusa.net
New Richmond    12/19/2015     St. Croix      Joe Merchak         715-425-1169    jmerchak@nullbaldwin-telecom.net
Chippewa Falls    12/19/2015     Chippewa     Bruce Steger         715-723-0209     just4birds@nullatt.net
Luck                    12/20/2015     Polk             Robin Maercklein  715-501-0527    robinmaercklein@nullgmail.com
Spring Valley       12/26/2015     Pierce          James Beix           715-425-6981    jbeix@nulldishup.us
Durand                12/28/2015     Dunn            Bruce Steger         715-723-0209     just4birds@nullatt.net
Hudson/Afton       1/1/2016        St. Croix      Joe Merchak         715-425-1169    jmerchak@nullbaldwin-telecom.net
Ellsworth             1/2/2016        Pierce          James Beix           715-425-6981    jbeix@nulldishup.us
Nelson                 1/2/2015        Pepin           Bruce Steger         715-723-0209     just4birds@nullatt.net
Rice Lake            1/3/2016        Barron          Robin Maercklein  715-501-0527  robinmaercklein@nullgmail.com

Click here for a printable list of 2015 Christmas Bird Counts.

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